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Arizona's Premier Vinyl & Leather Repair Phoenix AZ Company - 2014



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Arizona's Premier Vinyl & Leather Repair Phoenix AZ Company - 2014

There's a reason why we are rated the #1 leather repair company in Phoenix Arizona!

leather repair phoenix az

Repair and Restoration, It's What We Know!

We specialize in the repair and restoration of leather, vinyl, plastics, fabric and upholstery in the five major markets including automotive, residential commercial, marine and aviation. Pristine Leather Repair Quality - Our passion for, and exceptional approach to repair and restoration has been at the heart of our strategy for building the Valley's #1 leather and furniture repair company in Phoenix, Arizona. We are very proud of the long lasting relationships that we have developed with the thousands of Valley residents all over the "Valley of the Sun" that have welcomed us into their homes and businesses. See our reputation out in full force, schedule your FREE consultation HERE
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Don't Replace It, Refurbish It!

Under Don't replace it, refurbish it!: Replace text with below: Our expert trained and highly experienced technicians have the most advanced products and equipment to make cracks, scratches, holes, rips, stains and fades in leather, vinyl, plastic, fabric and upholstery look new again. Whether it's leather repair or furniture repair in Phoenix, restoration is not only a cost-effective alternative to replacement, it is also extremely environmentally friendly. See how much it will cost to restore your item HERE.
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Experienced and Trusted?

In addition to being the leader in repair and restoration, we are also an industry leader in the development of exceptional leather and vinyl repair products and restoration techniques. Our combined experience and knowledge is unparalleled. In the past 25 years, our vision is to provide our service with integrity, distinction and enthusiasm. We continue to improve every aspect of restoration and leather repair in the Phoenix and surrounding areas. As a valuable part of the community, we want all of our customers experiences to be exceptional ones. To restore or repair your item, go HERE


Incredible Leather Repair Phoenix AZ Transformations!

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